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God is stirring an awakening in West Virginia.

We’re not overlooking the challenges facing our state - decreasing population, opioid epidemic, and churches struggling to keep their doors open.

We see, however, much for which we can be thankful. God does some of his best work in brokenness. He is raising up solid leaders in West Virginia; a new generation of Southern Baptists who are eager to love their neighbors, make disciples, and live out the gospel. Generosity across our churches continues to increase as Cooperative Program and state missions offerings have met or exceeded budget for the past two years. There is nothing more beautiful than when a convention of God’s people work together.

We celebrate God’s past faithfulness, but believe West Virginia’s best days are ahead. It’s time to pull together, expect great things of God, and attempt great things for God.

Thank you for your interest in the West Virginia Convention of Southern Baptists. We are truly making Kingdom impact in and through West Virginia.


Principal Function: The West Virginia Convention of Southern Baptists Executive Director-Treasurer serves as Chief Executive Officer of the state convention and for the Executive Board, which conducts the affairs of the convention between sessions.


General Responsibilities

1. Works with the Executive Board in helping to organize, to provide leadership and projected planning for and execute the overall program of the convention.

 2. Works with the Executive Board in developing a staff to carry out the program. This includes recommending to the Board for their employment and the direction of their work.

3. Coordinates and evaluates programs and the work of staff employees.

4. In every way possible provide encouragement and assistance to the churches of this convention in fulfilling their mission. Make available to these churches the resources of this convention and interpret to them available assistance from agencies and boards of the SBC.

5. Serve as statutory agent for the convention and work with the Administrative Committee, trustees and Finance Committee in business and property matters.

6. Serve as treasurer of the convention.

7. Work with the Finance Committee in formulating the budget. This includes conferences with staff personnel concerning budget needs and conferences with the several agencies and boards who provide assistance.

8. Sees that funds are distributed according to the budget and properly reported. 

9. Represents the state convention to the denomination and to the general public.

10. Through personal example and inspirational interpretation of the challenge that faces our convention, seeks cooperation with and support of its programs.

11. Makes regular reports to the Executive Board.

12. Represents the Executive Board to the state convention.

13. Shall lead worship (speak) in local churches as is appropriate.



The ideal candidate will:


  • be a committed believer in Jesus Christ.

  • sense a distinct call of God to the office of executive director-treasurer.

  • reflect integrity, spiritual maturity, and high moral character both personally and professionally.

  • demonstrate a passion for and obedience to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.


  • preferably hold an accredited professional and/or research doctorate. Although a terminal degree is preferred, consideration will be given to candidates who hold at least a master’s degree from an accredited theological institution.


  • affirm the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.



The ideal candidate will:


  • understand and practice Southern Baptist doctrine, polity, and cooperation.

  • have no less than ten (10) years of experience in vocational ministry.

  • both communicate and embody a commitment to local and global missions.

  • accept the responsibility to function as a positive ambassador for the WVCSB. 


  • possess a high degree of emotional intelligence (EQ)

  • foster a deep level of trust with convention colleagues, associations, and churches.

  • comfortably adapt to a variety of church cultures and contexts.

  • represent Southern Baptists generally, and the WVCSB particularly, very well to both believers and non-believers.

  • foster healthy diversity (racial, socioeconomic, and theological within the bounds of BFM2K) within the WVCSB.


  • have a proven history of visionary leadership which includes strong strategic planning, excellent administration, and good management of professional and volunteer staff.

  • show a historical commitment to the Cooperative Program (CP) and associational ministry along with the intention to remain faithful to both.

  • demonstrate a track record of cooperation with a diversity of people in multiple areas of Baptist life.

  • possess both comfort and capability in being the “face” and chief ambassador of the WVCSB.

  • in cooperation with the WVCSB executive board and in accordance with the state convention constitution, ultimately strengthen churches and associations while mobilizing them to more effectively accomplish the Great Commission.


Strengthening and sending churches to make Jesus known in and through West Virginia



Interested applicants may submit their resume to our search committee for consideration through the web form on this page or our physical mailing address.

Search Committee
WV Convention of Southern Baptists
28 Mission Way
Scott Depot, WV 25560


pastorcj@frontier.com (search chair)

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